praying pals 

          instant prayer group where you'll always have a prayer!

About the Founder:

Stacie Ruth met Jesus. Now, she's a receptionist for the Lord: She introduces people to God and books appointments with Dr. Jesus, who alone heals mortally wounded hearts. Following piercing heartaches, Stacie Ruth's beamed Jesus' light while:

...Sharing Jesus and Singing for the 43rd President

...Recording a Worship Album with Grammy and Dove-winners

...Writing a Column and Feature Articles for the "700 Club"

...Writing Books -including her first at age 15

...Being Pictured in USA Today and the New York Times

...Sharing Jesus Online and Offline...On-the-Air (on national TV and radio) and Off-the-Air (at nursing homes and hospitals)

Visit to learn more about this young woman's great God and what He's been doing in her life. Yes, she's from a small town in Iowa. But she serves a big, awesome, holy, and always-good God!