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In Loving Tribute to
Mary Jo Hoffman

An Inner and Outer Beauty 


In you, beauty and bravery blended.

You knew how to be kind and candid.

We laughed and loved your ever-clever wit.

In pain, you never complained or quit.

We always knew Jesus and you were friends.

For you and yours, the love never ends.

With piercing pain, our words vanish and fail.

In this storm, thru Christ, we’ll slowly sail.

An inspiration, you knew how to give.

In Heaven, you now live. How you live!

It’s not “goodbye.” It is “see you later.”

In the blink of an eye, we’ll again gather.

God gives life, hates death, and is good and true.

Jesus died to give Heaven to you.

Mary Jo, you smile and bask in the Son

    For you didn’t lose. You won. Yes! You won!

By Stacie Ruth Stoelting

Mary Jo's husband has written an compelling book about her called Life After. It's an inspirational read filled with stories of faith and courage. Learn more about Life After at Be sure to get your copy here.

"Prayer is, in fact, the very most you could do," spoke my precious "Aunt Mary Jo," who recently joined Jesus after a courageous battle with cancer.

As my adopted aunt, she imparted her wisdom to me about puzzling subjects (like dating).

Before she met Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman, she learned I'd been sorely mistreated. So she stopped and wrote a letter using her iPhone. I didn't ask her to call, but she did. For her, love prompted action -as it should.

MJ made the most of each day and I desire to follow suit. Shortly after her death, I felt pulled to form an official site for my online prayer group, Praying Pals, which started on Facebook.

This official site is dedicated to her memory as an exemplary, prayerful Proverbs 31 lady of God. We eagerly await the day of reunion and know she enjoys the presence of the One to Whom she directed all prayers: her beloved Heavenly Father. How she loves her Lord Jesus Christ! She would want you to know Him, too. She would want you to visit the Know God page.

Aunt MJ joined Jesus at 5:30PM on July 31, 2009. But her love lives on. Love never dies.

And I learned something: When our worst nightmare happens, God remains good and true to His Word.

She lives. Yes, she lives!

To view a moving tribute on C-SPAN given to her by Senator Grassley, click here.