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Praying Pals: A Weekly Radio Program with Stacie Ruth


Highlighted Station Now Airing the Program: KCHE, 92.1.....7:30AM every Sunday!

Imagine a brief program that infuses enthusiasm into your faith walk. Well, that's Praying Pals with Stacie Ruth.


Each week, enjoy a short program filled with Jesus, Scripture, testimonies, and easy-to-apply prayer tips.

Ask your local stations to air Praying Pals! Simply call or e-mail your station manager and include a link to this site.

Most of all, please pray that God uses this new program to bring new believers to His arms!


E-mail us at to get Praying Pals on your local station!

Check back each week to hear Stacie's newest program!
Are you enduring a grief you never expected? Although this YouTube video was recorded for those hurting near Christmas, its message is timeless because it helps hurting hearts to turn to the Wonderful Counselor: Jesus Christ.

If you haven't heard one of Stacie's program's, this is the one to enjoy first!